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Please use these resources to help you find answers to questions you may have about Bristol Station.

Please refer any questions you may have to our Control Center at (402) 462-2757.

Resident Mailing Address:
Bristol Station
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101 South Hastings Avenue
Hastings, Nebraska 68901


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Facility Overview

Bristol Station Residential Reentry Center, owned by Western Alternative Corrections, Inc., is located in downtown Hastings, Nebraska, at 101 South Hastings Avenue, Hastings, NE 68901. Our facility, which is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, services male and female residents in a dormitory environment. The Bristol Station RRC team is comprised of an Executive Director, case manager, Home Reint. Specialist, and facility monitors, all committed to the mission of Western Alternative Corrections, Inc.

Participation in all assigned activities, compliance with all rules, regulations and instructions, completion of all objective and subjective criteria, and adherence to individual treatment plan goals is required and expected from each resident. Failure or refusal on the part of the resident to comply, participate or complete any of the expectations may result in an unsuccessful discharge from the program and the reporting of such failure or refusal to the appropriate governing authority.

Daily activities follow a set schedule from the initial wake-up call to lights out. Residents are expected to fully participate in all scheduled activities including group sessions, meetings, seminars and classes, and perform their facility support duties as may be assigned.

Property Limitations

All personal property will be stored in the secured unit provided by the facility. Any property that cannot be stored properly will be considered excessive and must be disposed of in a proper manner by the resident. Bristol Station will not store excess property. Please do not attempt to check in with property in excess of what is stated below.

The facility only provides access to clothing items to residents who are indigent and does not routinely provide clothing items to residents who posses the funds necessary to obtain clothing. Residents who posses sufficient funds are responsible for obtaining their necessary clothing items such as shirts, pants, undergarments, shoes, etc. In cases where a resident is indigent and cannot obtain such items, the facility will assist the resident in making the contacts necessary at local clothing banks, etc, to obtain necessary clothing items.

The following list of personal property is the recommended amount a resident may have in their possession in their assigned room/dorm.

(4) four pants (dress or jeans) (4) four dress shirts
(4) four pull over shirts (4) four pair of undergarments
(2) two pair of gym shorts (3) three pair footwear (any combination boots, tennis shoes, dress shoes)
(1) one pair of house shoes/shower shoes (1) jacket
(1) heavy coat (1) one alarm clock (battery operated)
(1) one watch (1) one electric razor or five disposable razors
(1) hair dryer (1) one curling iron/flat iron
(5) books (handback/paperback magazines combined) (1) newspaper (not more than one day old)
(1) one radio/MP3/iPod with headphones $20.00 cash
(1) backpack

Hygiene items shall be limited only to the amounts that can be stored properly in the resident's assigned storage. Food and drink items shall be prohibited from all dorm areas and lounges. All vending machine or other food items must be consumed in the dinning or patio area(s).

A complete description of property disposal and procedures for claiming confiscated property can be found in the Comprehensive Resident Handbook which you receive during check in.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones must be approved by the director and case manager prior to use. Pay phones are on the premises to be used between the hours of 7 am, and 10:30 pm or as approved by the Case Manager on a case by case basis for employment reasons.


Family and friends are encouraged to take part in the resident visitation program on Saturdays and Sundays for no more than two hours and must be scheduled and approved by the Case Manager. Visiting hours are from 9 am to 5 pm with the last visit being over by 5 pm. No more than two adults and up to three children may visit at any one time. Children over the age of thirteen constitutes as an adult. All visitors must be listed on the resident's visitation list, which the resident will complete at the time of admission. Visitors must have a valid form of picture identification when reporting the facility. Visitors will be required to sign an agreement to abide by Bristol Station rules and agree to waive responsibility of Bristol Station for any liability regarding their visit. No more than ten individuals may be included on the visitation list. Children under the age of thirteen are not required to be placed on the visitation list. A complete visitation policy including dress code is included in the Comprehensive Resident Handbook. Identification for all minor children will be required to verify ages. That may include birth certificate or any other official document showing the age of the minor child.

Intake and Orientation

Each resident will be issued a Comprehensive Resident Handbook, and a packet of forms to be completed immediately upon entrance to the facility. Room and bunk assignments will be made and essential items and linen will be issued. Materials that will be covered during orientation are the Comprehensive Resident Handbook, grievance procedures, resident rights, job placement, life skills and safety, and support services. Case manager assignments will be made and basic needs and first steps for each individual will be identified within the first week of admission.


Bristol Station offers a variety of programming components to foster life and vocational skills. Some of the programming components include, but are not limited to Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT), Transition Skills, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, and Employment and Communication Skills. Community resources are utilized for substance abuse, mental health, and offense-specific treatment.

The Program Review Team comprised of the Executive Director, Case Managers, Home Reintegration Specialist, and supervision officers meet weekly to review the progress of each participant. The level of responsibility and supervision required will be based on the needs of the resident and the terms of supervision.

Residents may apply for movements to shop, job search, and pass privileges, by submitting the paperwork to include a pass site address for verification. A Case Manager is available to assist residents in the process. Pass site locations will be verified prior to pass approvals. Upon completion of the pass site verification, staff will randomly check by telephone or personal contact during his or her absence from the center. This process will be explained in detail by the resident's designated Case Manager. Pass descriptions and policies are included in the Comprehensive Resident Handbook. All forms will be made available to the resident at the time of admission.

Bristol Station is centrally located in Hastings providing easy access to local jobs. There are different options available to residents to get to jobs including being in walking distance from most jobs, having taxi service, handibus accessibility and Bristol Station will try and assist residents in transportation needs. Residents who have licensed vehicles and meet the requirements may be approved for private transportation if appropriate documentation is provided. A complete list of resident obligations is included in the Comprehensive Resident Handbook.


Accountability is a critical part of the daily requirements necessary at Bristol Station.  Each resident's movement will be monitored by a sign in/ sign out procedure upon leaving or returning to the facility.  Residents are required to make accountability calls while at work and on pass.  Staff will make calls to pass sites and work during work hours and weekend passes.  The date, time and place will be noted on resident movement records and reviewed be Case Management and Administration.  A complete explanation of the resident's obligations including but not limited to: drug testing, pat search, drug dog searches, and breathalyzer testing will be available to the resident, and discussion with the Case Manager will take place after arriving at the center.

Facility Staff

Each administrative staff member at Bristol Station is committed to the success of each resident, and look forward to working with you throughout your stay at Bristol Station.  The following staff members will be available to answer any questions and assist you with any needs you may have.


Angela LaBouchardiere
Executive Director
(402) 462-2001 ext. 207


Brent Hultine
Home Reintegration Specalist
(402) 462-2001 ext. 208


Tara Shafer
Case Manager
(402) 462-2001 ext. 206


Rob Bourg
Case Manager
(402) 462-2001 ext. 205